Leslie McCormick, MA, LPC, R-DMT

Are you ready to transform your deepest vulnerability into your greatest strength?

Ironically, it’s by acknowledging our sore spots and leaning into our fears that our world becomes more expansive, more secure, more full of possibilities. In accepting our “imperfection,” we discover our true, unshakable value. I am here to guide you in becoming fully alive through diving down to come back up — strong, invigorated, pearl-in-hand.

Making the decision to begin or resume psychotherapy is often both exciting and intimidating. Please let me know what, if any, concerns you may have about the therapy process. I have significant experience in the field and can offer you information, referrals, and resources to help you begin (or begin again) your work in therapy with confidence and optimism.

My approach is collaborative, so once we begin, we pace the work so you can recognize, feel, and integrate changes. This is your journey. My expertise and heart are here to serve you in your unique developmental or transformational process.

My approach begins with valuing where you are on your journey of healing, growth, or transformation. Are you ready to replace life-limiting habits with new action steps, but not sure how? Do you want to access or develop the Wise One within you? Do you want someone to understand you deeply? Do you need to share what happened for the first time? Is it time to feel and move instead of talk? Are you curious about what you can learn when you allow your body to speak?

Somatic Psychotherapy

Our bodies hold the resources and the specific information we each need for refined psychological development and spiritual growth. As with dream work, somatic psychotherapy and depth-based authentic movement give light to the keys our individual psyches need, at a precise moment in time, to move forward in our evolution as humans. I offer guidance in the somatic processes that unlatch the next movements in your authentic expression of wakefulness.

Psychological insights are often very important steps along the paths of healing and growth; however, they remain adolescent until they are thoroughly known on the level of the body. To have a concept of oneself as worthy of love, for example, and to actually feel worthy of love are very different things. For many, somatic psychotherapy matures prior gains and fills in important gaps that convert knowledge into life-changing wisdom. For others, it is a doorway to begin the journey of healing and growth. My expertise is in facilitating an in-the-moment, very alive kind of psychotherapy that promotes depth-level transformation.

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